Serves 6-8

you know not to microwave a turkey

Difficulty Star Level: 2Difficulty Star Level: 2

Pineapple Cheese Casserole

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Ingredients 2 cups of shredded cheese 2 eggs 1 (20 oz) can of crushed pineapple 1 (20 oz) can of pineapple tidbits, drained 4 tbsp of flour ½ tsp salt 1 cup of sugar 1 stick of melted butter 2 stacks of Ritz crackers

1. Mix the first 7 ingredients together in a 9x13 pan. 2. Crush crackers, pour butter over the crackers, mix. 3. Spread crackers over the top of the casserole. 4. Cook for 45-50 minutes at 350 degrees.