Serves 6-8


Difficulty Star Level: 3Difficulty Star Level: 3Difficulty Star Level: 3

Cauliflower Rice Chicken Bog

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2 bags of Riced Cauliflower (fresh or frozen – should be 24-32 oz total) 1 lb Country Ground Sausage (I like Neese’s – try it hot if you like spicy!) 1 Rotisserie Chicken 2 pinches of Salt 1 pinch of Pepper 2 tsp Onion Powder 1 Tbsp Butter (if you’re on Keto)

1. Pull the chicken from the bone & skin. Chop. Set aside. 2. Brown the sausage. Remove from pan. Leave the grease (this is very important). 3. Add the cauliflower into the hot grease. Add salt, pepper, onion power and (optional) butter. Saute over med-high heat until cooked through. (Fresh cauliflower will take longer than frozen.) 4. Add back in sausage and chicken. Heat through. Serve.